Grip, Posture, Ball Position, Alignment and Balance.

There is no single way to swing the golf club, as seen when watching the best players in the world. But there is a correct path to enter and exit the hitting area when striking the ball correctly.
Understanding the club face and how it affects curve of the golf ball, swing plane, and proper ball contact is crucial to proper development of your game.

Time management and proper ratios of practice split between the three major aspects of the game -- full swing (outside 100 yards), short shots (inside 100 yards), and putting -- is critical to game improvement.
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Cliff Bounds is a PGA-certified instructor at The Academy of LaCantera. LaCantera is located minutes from downtown  San Antonio.

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La Cantera hosts first Champions Elite Camp
Nine participants were hand-chosen for the camp based on skill and work ethic. And each started the week with a new, logoed Callaway golf bag. 
The camp consisted of five key components: daily putting arc practice, chipping and pitching short game challenges, 9-hole on-course competition, Flightscope skills challenges and individual player mentoring. Additional Callaway prizes were awarded based on a four-day cumulative point system.  

JUNE 2016
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believe that the key to improving your golf game is understanding the importance of one’s setup. This involves these five fundamental aspects: